The clumsy tackle meme is catching on

This really looks like a ‘clumsy tackle’.
Its taken little time but the media seems to be internalizing Martin Taylor’s tackle as ‘clumsy’. We can debate that. Its better than stupid or dirty. Blame it on a disobedient limb, on a transient mind-body disconnection. Be that as it may, the media circus that followed was clumsy. Richard Scudamore could not even take a break from defending his plan to voice regret.
Usually injuries of such a nature which threaten to end a player’s career call for some introspection; to make the game safer, which really should be the issue. The Premiership is a huge draw for the world’s best players. But there are other leagues that compete for them too and a player’s decision to join hinges around a myriad of factors. One of them is surprise, surprise, the ability to remain healthy. Are we doing enough to protect them? But the singular lack of such debate which instead focuses on Wenger’s reaction, Gallas’s flare up, or Taylor’s character is glaring. I used to think American talking heads were brain dead. Their counterparts across the pond are proving to be equally lobotomized.
There are international repercussions too. The Croatian media has been all over this story. They have pursued Taylor, fans have issued death threats, and to top it all, Slaven Bilic is one unhappy man. His star striker made the English defense look like penguins with two left feet, scored the most goals for their team, and led them to a top spot, after his team administered England’s Euro coup de grace is now gone. Less than a year ago, Eduardo’s Premiership departure was being hailed in his club as a breakthrough. A recognition of his skills with the possibility of becoming even better.
He is coming back with a crippling career ending injury. Yet, English fans are squabbling over Wenger’s hyperbole, Scudamore is busy touting his 39 steps to more greed, and the media is closing ranks around Taylor. Where is the humanity?
There is enough hint of a conspiracy to make one suspect that some Croatian players might be tempted to test the ‘clumsy tackle’ theory themselves when they meet England next which will be soon. They might hold back for a less consequential meeting but there is every potential that it could happen. There are different types of payback.
The Premiership is on its way to becoming a giant echo chamber. This was an instance for the powers to be to acknowledge that there are countries who define themselves through their national team. But once Scudamore got the memo that Taylor’s tackle was just ‘clumsy’, there was nothing left to say or do. Move on. Greed is indeed clarifying.

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