Choose your Eurobus

That’s the bus that will be carrying the team from Greece.
Fans were invited to choose from three inspiring messages to be painted on each of the 16 brightly-coloured coaches carrying the teams to and from games at the final tournament in Austria and Switzerland. The selected slogans are the ones below.You can get a look at what the other 15 buses will look like if you click here…

You can also read the slogan in the original language at the same site and check if anything has been lost in translation.
Austria -We can only win together
Croatia – Together with the fans to the top of Europe
Czech Republic– Let’s go, let’s win, let’s fulfil our nation’s dream
France – Live together, celebrate together
Germany – Germany – one team – one purpose
Greece – One team, one dream
Netherlands – One team, one spirit, together we are Orange
Italy – The sky is always bluer
Poland – because only sport and good fun matter
Portugal – This coach is powered by the will to win
Romania – Romania, we are proud of you and we love you
Russia – Russian hands are all for one, Russia is proud of her sons
Spain – Whatever happens, SPAIN FOREVER
Sweden – Sweden team = top marks
Switzerland – Final destination: Vienna
Turkey – Can this bus contain the passion of Turkey ?

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