Possebon’s injury shows not much has changed

How quickly Sir Alex forgets. On Possebon’s injury.
‘You don’t want to see things like that and I hope I never see anything like it again,’ said the United boss.
Its nice for Sir Alex to come up with some nice trite explanation but these sort of injuries have happened many times before and will happen again, so to say that he hopes he never has to see it again is pretty glib. He has seen it before.
Sir Alex had to say this when Eduardo had his ankle broken in gruesome fashion following a tackle by Martin Taylor in February 2008.
“The English game will change now after the tackle against Eduardo. It has to change because of that.”
“In Europe, you get far more protection for the player with the ball. In our game there seems to be an attack every three seconds, so there is always a risk of more tackles at pace and more risk of injury” – Ferguson added.

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