Walcott helps Arsenal blank Blackburn

Arsenal made the return up north to face a team that has posed so many problems in the past. But this was an Arsenal team that had an ascendant Theo Walcott brimming with confidence and newly found decision making skills. You could see it in the way he asserted himself in the match.
Blackburn was at the receiving end with Walcott laying down a crisp pass to the flying Dutchman who had the honour of notching up Arsenal’s first strike. Denilson gets into the act as he floats a cross towards Adebayor and the Togolese striker guides the ball with his head. Then it was Walcott launching himself in a display of blistering speed and guile leaving the Rovers defenders flat footed, having a go himself, an effort parried out by Friedel. Eboue is brought down and Adebayor converts the PK for his second goal. A hat trick is complete as Aaron Ramsey isolates Adebayor who side steps Friedel and taps the ball into goal.
We always damn Arsenal with faint praise when transfer season ends with “but it could be much worse” yet Wenger takes such untrammeled delight in contrasting our club with the rest. On a day when a complement of overpaid superstars played each other in the Chelsea vs Man City encounter, it was refreshing to see someone like Jack Wilshere make his debut at 16 year and 256 days. ‘I bring them out slowly, these English players,’ smiled Wenger. ‘He’s another one who will soon play for you.’ Yes, the heart and soul of English soccer does lie in Arsenal from its ownership down to the young talent unfolding under Wenger’s tutelage. England has been the beneficiary. Who can deny that at the present moment?

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