FC Barcelona targets Miami expansion

FC Barcelona signed CAA Sports, the agency that represents David Beckham and Fredrik Ljungberg to represent the club in many areas including marketing its slogan “More than a Club” and advising it on the MLS expansion process. CAA Sports could also be involved in the development of a Barcelona franchise in Miami if the city is awarded an expansion team in Miami. This would include marketing and jersey sponsorships.
The “More than a Club” is part of Barcelona’s vision which sees the club using its reputation as the people’s club to address the humanitarian and political aspirations of many around the world. Its genesis lay in the club’s historical front line activism in promoting Catalonian autonomy and a progressive Spain.
The club “donates 0.7% of its income to the to the FC Barcelona Foundation in order to set up international cooperation programmes for development, supports the UN Millennium Development Goals and has made a commitment to Unicef’s humanitarian aid programs through the donation of one and a half million euros for the next five years and now wears the Unicef logo on its shirts.”

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