Poland remains on FIFA’s hit list

Blatter and Boguska: Blather and Obfuscate
Interestingly in the post that details Sepp Blatter’s car accident, his girlfriend Ilona Boguska was mentioned being with him. It seems she’s been a prime mover behind Poland being awarded the prize of co-hosting Euro 2012.
The public face is Michal Listkiewicz, the deposed head of the Polish Football Association who is Blatter’s right hand man and in the eye of the storm between the Polish government on one hand and FIFA and UEFA on the other. The government suspended the entire association board and Listkiewicz on charges that they were not doing enough to combat corruption and match fixing. Blatter and Platini have retaliated by categorically refusing to do business with anyone that the government appoints. They have also demanded re-instatement of Listkiewicz and the board or else Poland could face sanctions and lose the right to co-host the 2012 Euro.
This is an escalation of an already tense situation that developed in early 2007 when the government suspended the entire governing board after determining that they were not doing enough. A move that they backtracked from after Blatter threatened to revoke Poland’s co-host status.
A majority in Poland believe that the game needs reform and support the government’s efforts and Blatter’s thin skinned reaction remains unpopular. Insiders also point out that Blatter’s relationship with Listkiewicz goes “beyond the love of the beautiful game.” This innuendo gets more context when revealed that Boguska was apparently in a relationship with Listkiewicz till he handed her over to Blatter, in a manner of speaking. She is the love of his life and we know what a grateful Blatter can award his minions with. More than Listkiewicz or Leon Kacznyski, Poland’s president it is Boguska who is allegedly responsible for bringing the 2012 Euro to Poland.
The Polish government’s skating on thin ice plays can be resolved in a positive way with a very closely watched association election for president taking place at the end of this month. If a favourable appointment is made then Blatter and Platini can climb down their despotic perches and normalize relations.
As for all this sexual intrigue, can we now call Cristiano Ronaldo lame? If I was not The Sun’s front line reporter I would have a headline screaming “Blatter’s menage a trois takes polish off Euro .”

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