Alexi Lalas resurfaces: He has words for Beckham

Remember Alexi Lalas and his grandiose pronouncements on how Becks would single handed turn the MLS into a world beater. It seems like eons ago. Well, he isn’t too happy at the way his man has inveigled his way to Milan (Sports Business Daily, Nov 7, subscription needed).
“Hello, a courtesy telephone call, a little bit of respect to call the coach so that head coach Bruce Arena knows what’s going on, knows that you’re being shopped around.”
Look, its not as if we did not tell you so. For Becks it was always going to be the national squad that was the priority. If it meant walking all over the MLS to do so. Arena can be easily mollified considering you have lived through a manager reportedly kicking a shoe into your face in anger for showing loyalty to country and not club.
Here is the rub. Beckham can walk out of the Galaxy a full two years before his 5 year multi million dollar contract with the club is up. Bet you did not know that. A clause in the contract says that the man can walk out without any penalties. I would have never ever thought I would feel sympathetically towards Alex Rodriguez and his ball and chain gig at the Yankees but I do. The worst is when people talk about Becks staying as contingent on the club finding its winning ways. Isn’t that what he was hired for?
Whether he states that he want to come back for the 2009 season and ends up looking munificent for doing so is immaterial. He has this clause in the contract which so loads it against the MLS it makes your head spin. That should be the story. Informing Bruce Arena about your plans to move to Milan. Pshhhhttttt. Fuggedaboutit.

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