Can Arsenal hang onto a CL spot?

Its a legitimate question.
Arsenal is now officially in full blown meltdown mode. They lost to Man City, 0-3. City has not exactly been a tower of strength at home and with their high priced transfers, Hughes is feeling the heat. But Arsenal has become the golden goose that delivers on cue and makes opposing managers say things like “That is only the second time we’ve been able to beat Arsenal in the Premier League.” It has become the feel good team of the Premiership.
Arsenal’s season is a Hobbesian nightmare. We are crippled with injuries. And the ones who are healthy are not delivering. Because they are busy bickering. Our fall back options are talented youngsters who for better or worse are tabula rasa. Whereas Chelsea can replace a coin tossing Drogba and an injured Ricardo Carvalho with Nicolas Anelka and Jose Bosingwa without skipping a beat, we now rely on Carlos Vela and Aaron Ramsey to save our season.
The title is a lost cause. Can we cling onto fourth spot? Our greatest challenge will come from the two teams who beat us these last two weeks, Villa and Man City as they match up in goal differential, a key determinant. We face Chelsea next, a team that has given up a mere four goals. Somehow our band of Hobbits must find a way to the Tower.

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