Gillett closer to a mea culpa

A vote of no confidence.
George Gillett, the less Dick Chenysque partner of the Gillett and Hicks duo says now that they were not committed (Sports Business Daily, subscription required) to the club and the financial crisis continues to muddy their future.
Gillett said that he “has been embarrassed by the way he and [co-Owner] Tom Hicks have coped with the club’s financial difficulties.”
“You feel a responsibility and an embarrassment on occasions when you haven’t provided all you might have. There’s a level of embarrassment and you want to correct it quickly.”
Though Gillett has refused to say how long he will remain at Liverpool, he admitted that the financial crisis “had affected his sporting interests.”
His sporting interests have moved to India which obviously factors the newly rich middle class which numbers in the millions and likes their sports and more importantly can pay for it. Clubs are cheap and overheads are relatively low. Gillett must have been swayed by the overwhelming success of the Twenty20 format, i.e., cricket on crack, that has catapulted India’s domestic league, a hot sports commodity, with business houses vying with each other for ownership.
The AP’s Rob Harris as part of a profile of Gillett noted Indian sports are on Gillett’s “radar after several trips to the subcontinent”.

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