Obama boosts US chances of hosting World Cup

The UK is probably going to get shafted if this is true.
Obama’s election as president has so boosted the US in the eyes of FIFA honchos that if it turns out infrastructure and organization are similar between the leading contenders, the deciding factor could be Obama in awarding the 2018 World Cup.
“How can it not make a difference?” the source told Yahoo!’s Martin Rogers. “Now when you think of America, you don’t think George W. Bush or war. You think of this man, Obama, who has made history and given hope to millions.”
This is in tune with soccer’s ideals to the world. In fact Obama’s presidency could help re-affirm those ideals.
Obama’s grassroots campaign relied on millions donating small amounts of money which built an unprecedented and unparalleled fund of cash allowing him to outspend John McCain in most of the battleground states. He took his message to the people and they came out in record numbers. Which fan does not dream of influencing his club the same way. Ask Liverpool.
Obama has stressed the primacy of diplomatic negotiations to resolve conflicts rather than relying on military power. Soccer has created its fare share of imbroglios but it also presents the world with its biggest opportunity every four years for countries with contentious histories to shake hands on the field. No other sport comes close to claiming that distinction. We must not forget soccer’s transformational nature as we were so reminded of Obama’s in these elections.

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