So what should Terry Butcher do?

Terry Butcher has to now live with the fact that Maradona will be the topic du jour of the soccer world and the subject of pundit chatter everywhere.
What can he do to exact revenge for that goal?
He can hire a fat man wearing a Maradona mask to run onto the field after the match, drop him with a sliding tackle, and then administer an enema all the while looking at El Diego. P.S: Terry should first time himself and the fat man on a 5 foot run before hiring him.
He can hire Tonya Harding to whack Maradona on the hand after the match. Rumours are that she is looking for a job.
He can sneak up to Maradona’s hotel in the night and after overpowering security proceed to glue Maradona’s hand to a ball. No not down there.
He can erect a hundred foot statue of Maradona in Trafalgar Square and pay a thousand people to pull it down. He can then payoff a breathless CNN commentator and a cameraman to record it for posterity.
He can photoshop Maradona’s head on Titus Bramble’s body and send those doctored video clips onto the internets. Then he photoshops Bramble’s head onto Maradona’s body (don’t forget to photoshop the jersey too, Terry) and make it like own goals in the 1986 match which should make everyone feel better. After it generates 95 million hits on You Tube, the official match report will be consigned to cyberspace.
Anyone else got any more suggestions to make Terry feel warm and cuddly inside?

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