Will Ballack apologise ?

Gaston Aguirre said sorry when he whacked a pigeon with a football the other day – causing it grievous injury.Michael Ballack is the latest player to join this growing band of soccer players who are taking pot shots at pigeons that dare to cross their path.The video shows a pigeon flying away – so it probably lived to tell the tale.The video evidence is inconclusive because the picture – like the pigeon after the incident – is a bit unsteady.

PS: If you like to watch videos of people hitting pigeons with footballs here’s another one.This one is an effort by aussie player Lucas Neill.The bird in question may or may not have been a pigeon.It is also not known whether Lucas apologised.So far the only chap who said sorry was Gaston – though it is debatable whether saying sorry to a dead pigeon helps..!

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