How Manchester United are helping the EPL deal with the recession..

You will require a reasonable knowledge of economics to make sense of the following post.Just as the recession has caused less money to be in circulation in world economies the recession has also caused a terribly less number of goals to be in circulation in the current season of the english premier league.You may be amazed to know that the goalless draw between West Ham and West Brom last monday was the 33rd such goalless draw this season.
And that’s the highest tally of goalless draws at this stage of the season since 1998 – 1999.Now what have Manchester United been doing recently to make sure that things don’t get worse?
They have been making sure that none of their recent games end in goalless draws – thereby keeping the recession at bay.All we need now is a reasonably respectable economist to make some kind of a theory out of this analysis ,slip in a few graphs and stuff,stay well clear of Sir Alex Ferguson – and we’re well on our way to a Nobel prize…!

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