Maradona vs Pele: Bath house slurs and chill pills

It is almost certain that Maradona will not be taking part in a gay pride parade anytime soon and Pele will not be in the forefront asking for a repeal of Rockefeller era drug laws.
The latest edition of Celebrity deathmatch features Maradona vs Pele as each outdo the other for the title of the most consequential sportsperson of the world. Pele’s aspirations included running for president of Brazil when Maradona’s was keeping his mind from getting addled through booze and drugs in sun drenched Napoli. An effort he had as much success at as Titus Bramble from scoring an own goal. Maradona’s road to recovery is a well documented hell with near death situations and many hospitalizations. It is a story with many endings. Unfortunately, it has also left Maradona vulnerable to moral adjudication, the type Pele just engaged in.
Comparisons are odious. It was a cheap shot on Pele’s part bringing up Maradona’s drug history and then name Beckenbauer, Kaka, and Platini as ideal role models. Pele might have been projecting as his son Edinho faces charges of drug trafficking and addiction.
It must stick Pele in his craw that he remains largely (pun unintended) in the news peddling erectile dysfunction drugs. His rival revels in the attention and adulation of millions who look to him to carry Argentina to a place they have not been in for more than two decades. Maradona responded with an old debunked bath house slur.
Pele needs to take a chill pill.

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One comment on “Maradona vs Pele: Bath house slurs and chill pills
  1. Pele v Maradona and the importance of impotence
    Pele suggests previous and well documented long term drug abuse may hinder Maradona as a national coach. Maradona replies by calling Pele gay.
    Pele, apart from being the greatest footballer in history is also globally respected for his support of Impotence Awareness. It must have taken a brave man to agree to make those adverts talking about impotence and it’s effects. I am sure thousands of sufferers felt better about themselves and more importantly many of them would have sought help with their condition as a direct result of those adverts.
    It a shame Maradona does not do the same and instead of discussing DRUGS and promoting Homophobia he could talk about the new herbal cures available today for erectile dysfunction sufferers.
    There are many claims made in this area of research, but my own experience is that until any natural herbal remedy has been properly tested in clinical trails you should stay well clear of it.
    Most recently there is chatter about a group of German researchers working on a plant extract that cures erectile dysfunction which may be available next year!
    There is only one clinically tested plant extract to-date which is clinically tested and successful for over 80% of all men who take it, that is Butea Superba. Readily available in pill form under the brand name HealthyED, details of the trials can be found at Compared to other tests which indicate Viagra now working for only around 50% of users, HealthyEd with an 84% success rate looks like an attractive alternative to taking prescription drugs. Come on Maradona get on your soap box and tell the world about this fantastic clinical breakthrough. I don’t think we should hold our breath.
    The main ingredient in HealthyED pills is the plant extract Butea Superba. The plant is widely available throughout Thailand where men wishing to increase their flagging libido can buy the ground down plant in powder form at the market place. They more often than not use it to cook with or simply add it directly onto their food like a dressing. The Thai government realising the potential took control of the growing of Butea and now it can only be grown under government license. Exports are strictly monitored and it would appear HealthyED are the only company in the West of the globe selling the ground down plant extract in pill form.
    I have read the information supplied on the HealthyEd site and the evidence in favour of Butea over prescription drugs supplied by your local GP is compelling. With such high success rates who could question them.

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