The Hiddink Effect -(Armani suits etc)

The Hiddink effect on Chelsea involves some of these things – players have to turn up on time for training.They have to chant a ‘fitness first’ mantra and live up to it.Their mobile phones are in danger of being confiscated if the usage on club grounds goes beyond permitted limits.Fines for those who break the rules.Then there is the Hiddink dress code.Players have to wear the club’s Armani suits when travelling for home or away games and when leaving stadiums after matches.No more slouching around in old T shirts.Hiddink, who is never seen on the sideline out of a suit, has also given the chaps some definite instructions on how they should knot their ties.All this has woken Drogba up from his hibernation and he is doing his “the surly bear gets the goals ” impersonation again.[For those who didn’t get it – that’s subtle word play on “the early bird gets the worm”] Anyway all this has resulted in Chelsea moving into second place in the EPL something even their most ardent fans might have considered an implausible dream just a week or so ago.Their latest is this 2 -1 win over Wigan.Lampard was the hero of the game scoring the injury time winner.

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