A certain Rupert Lowe finds no love

Theo Walcott’s former club will fold if they do not find a investor in about a week.
Rupert Lowe’s Southampton association appears to have been a marriage of convenience. The club was looking for a publicly traded company to get the club listed on the London Stock Exchange, and a reverse takeover was effected. In lieu, he was made the chairman, despite rumours that he was actually a hockey fan and had never attended a football match previously.
Here is an interesting article that gives a glimmer into the turmoil and uncertainty that the club underwent before the administrators took over the club early this month. Lowe comes across as a toff who disdained football’s low brow politics and its sacred rivalries.
A revolving door on managers, thirteen in 14 years, and regular sales of its best players to raise cash to pay for an expensive stadium, saw a dive down from the upper echelons, now, with the Burnley draw, to the third tier.
Angry and despondent Saint fans point their finger squarely at Rupert Lowe for the club’s fall from grace.

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