Arsenal: Two down, one to go

This season’s Premiership was lost long ago and today our chances of winning the FA Cup ended. We now have the CL left and our road goes through Man U. Are our boys hungry enough?
Let me say this. I have no idea what Wenger was thinking when he signed on Silvestre. It is a mystery, just like the cure for the common cold. But Silvestre is a convenient excuse for another edition of the soft underbelly of the Gunners which gets exposed repeatedly in games that count.
It is a matter of seizing a wisp of a chance like Drogba did and pounding on for what it is worth because somewhere down the line, a ruthless striker like he, figures out there is a great chance of a breakdown occurring with an out of depth defender and a hyperventilating goalie. Which is what happened.
Arsenal is not feared even as it wins matches because of moments like these.

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One comment on “Arsenal: Two down, one to go
  1. 1. Wenger is parrt of the problem
    2. Most of the players in the team, are average at best (Denilson, Diaby, Eboue, Adebayor, Bendtner etc)…hence that they are unable to deliver against stiff competition should be no suprise.
    3. Its the height of tactical stupidity for Wenger to have left Arshavin and Nasri on the bench till less around 10 minutes to the end of the game.
    Arshavin is better than Fabregas yet, Wenger decides to leave him on the bench even though Arshavin is not eligible for CL…hence would have been a good bet for FA Cup.
    4. Arsenal really need to start looking for another Manager…cus it seems Wenger is bound to destroy Arsenal’s history as a club, if this continues.
    5. Its Wenger’s decision that there is no quality cus he’s the one who signed them…hence all failure and success starts and stops with him.
    6. Every sane person can see that Silvestre is not good enough for top 4 team…he’s an accident waiting to happen. He was ManUTD’s Senderos…hence that he almost cost us a penalty against chelsea and finally cost us a goal by being so useless against Drogba, shows that Wenger is gradually losing the ability to make great football decisions.

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