Arshavin deals Liverpool a cruel blow

It makes you wonder even more why Wenger did not start him against Chelsea in the FA semi-final. Arshavin roared back with four against Liverpool including what appeared to be the winning goal before Benayoun scored the equalizer moments before the match ended.
The Reds were left contemplating their precarious return to the top of the table with Man U having two games in hand. Arshavin’s four goals in a league game were the first at Anfield in 64 years.
Adebayor was not in the squad and Walcott was left on the bench. With Drogba blowing past Silvestre last week for the winning goal, Sir Alex must have had palpitations wondering if the ex Man U player would be shredded like cheese by Torres. He was but so was the Liverpool defense by Arshavin.

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