Carlos Costly’s Mexican connections

The obvious punning of his name is irresistible given his contribution to Mexico’s defeat.
With all the teeth gnashing going on with naturalized citizens like Matias Vuoso and Leandro Oldoni on the El Tri roster it comes as a bit of a surprise that Honduran striker Carlos Costly also has extensive Mexican connections. It may even be a matter of educated conjecture that he could have potentially become naturalized through his family.
He lived in that country for a number of years after his parents separation when his mother married a Mexican. Costly initially played in the Mexican second division league with Celaya, Pumas, and Morelia till he was 23. He then returned to Honduras because of age restrictions and joined CD Platense. From there he launched his international career and is currently on loan to Birmingham City from Polish club GKS Belchatow. He still has a house in Coyoacán and regularly visits Mexico because of his mother. Mexico as he says is his second home.

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