Chelsea proves Liverpool is a one man show

Liverpool is Steven Gerrard and Steven Gerrard is Liverpool.
Wait a minute, they have Torres, Alonso, a bloke called Riera who is having a pretty good season, and Pepe Reina whose ICBMs have led to Kim Jong- il offering him North Korean citizenship. They are multifaceted and multitudinous after bashing Man U and Villa as per pundits.
Its not working as long as Stevie G takes the day off. Chelsea proved it as they reduced Liverpool’s heartbeat to a guest appearance. He was an onlooker when Branislav Ivanovic, the Serbian defender rose unchallenged to score the decisive second goal. The rest of the time was spent in disastrous Hindenburg like endeavours to airlift the ball to Torres or Kuyt.
Chelsea ran out easy 3-1 winners at Anfield. I have no idea what Rafa plans at Stamford Bridge but at this point Chelsea coasting to a semi-final berth is a done deal.

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One comment on “Chelsea proves Liverpool is a one man show
  1. You really don’t have a clue do you? One man show. Take Lampard out of Chelsea, now there’s a one man show. 4-4 at Stamford Bridge without Gerrard in the 2nd leg, now what do you have to say? You muppet! Find a new job, stop writing crappy articles numbnut!

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