Other clubs do it, why single out Juve?

The “Black Italian”
The racist taunts that Mario Balotelli seems to attract occurs obviously because of his colour but his success against other clubs, gives it an added edge.
He has made Inter’s rivals pay and those fans are not pleased that it is a man of colour that their country gave citizenship to who is doing damage.
He has a history of petulance which does not help but that should be no excuse and the Italian Olympic Committee needs to be firm in clamping down racist behaviour.
But singling Juve out is foolish and counterproductive. It should be recognized as a national problem and suitable action should also be directed at Roma as well and indeed all the clubs that have engaged in this practice.
Balotelli’s form makes him a strong candidate for selection to the national squad and it will be highly unfortunate if fans continued singing “a black Italian does not exist” like they did when he made his U-21 debut. Balotelli might have a point to prove and if it benefits the Azzurri, the fans should be thankful he decided to play for Italy, and not Ghana. All the more strange given Italians, in general love Obama , even when you factor Silvio Berlusconi’s troglodyte like greeting on his election.

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