Outcasts United: A Refugee team, An American Town

Remember Warren St John’s article in the NYT about soccer being played by immigrant children of families resettled from war torn countries by legal means into small towns like Pleasantville, USA or in this case, outposts like Clarkston, GA.
Soccer becomes an extended metaphor of a foreignness creeping into American society, as delineated by Clarkston, one which usurps an established way of life, creating divisions between people that embrace diversity as a way of moving ahead and others who look upon it, if left unchecked, as the last throes of a civilized society, already stretched to its limits. As a Malthusian device, its at the heart of the immigration debate playing out in the country right now.
Those who want the Fugees to succeed are pro-immigration reform and want amnesty for the undocumented, as long as they remain above the law, paid their dues, and have contributed to the economic well being of the country, as have previous generations. Those who do not, see the influx of immigrants, documented or otherwise as a death rattle in a country beset by tough economic times.
Well, Warren St John’s article is now a full fledged book and you can now read it or wait for the movie which should be out end of the year. St John also wrote the highly regarded book Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, on the Crimson Tide, the Univ of Alabama football team.

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