Remember the name Federico Macheda

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s legacy lives on. His name is Federico Macheda. Another baby faced killer.
Liverpool fans will remember that name. Lets put it this way, I don’t think there will be a street with that name in that city anytime soon.
If Man Utd go onto win this season’s title, a more important dagger than that of 17 year old Federico ‘Kiko’ Macheda, will be harder to find. The Solskjaer reserve team regular made a dream debut scoring the winning goal against Villa in stoppage time. It was the way he did it which was even more memorable, a nifty turn and shoot which left Friedel grasping air for the third time. Before that another former reserve Danny Wellbeck had a chance in burnishing himself into Mancunian history but Friedel stuck a timely hand to deflect a goal bound shot.
An absorbing match with Villa through Carew, Young, and Agbanlahor taking advantage of the absence of Vidic and Ferdinand to win the aerial duel in the box. Milner’s back pass mistake which led to the first Ronaldo goal was mitigated by Carew’s header off a perfect Barry cross and then it was Carew’s turn as provider for Agbanlahor to head the ball home and put Villa a goal up. Barry and Petrov proved to be more effective than Fletcher and Giggs in the first half in exploiting the supply lines.
However, Villa shut down after the second goal and give up ball possession resorting to counterattacks. Big mistake. A familiar story line played out. Macheda’s introduction restored much needed urgency which saw Ronaldo, Tevez and Fletcher respond as they took control of the Villa quarter and it was once again Ronaldo to the rescue as he snapped off a shot in slow motion. Friedel mistimed his dive. For a split second the ball looked like it was going to drag wide but it found a lane into the goal. Villa looked deflated and came under increasing siege resorting to increasingly futile counter attacks.
Friedel’s left hand corner proved costly in this match. Man U found a way to bury all three goals into that spot. Villa lost their edge when James Milner was substituted. Reo-Coker is an overrated player who brings nothing to the game.
Man U reclaims the top spot, answers its critics and goes into their CL quarterfinal against Porto with their wind on their backs.

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