Ronaldo to train with Usain Bolt

Ronaldo wants to run the 100m in 9.69 seconds too.Hence a training session with Usain Bolt is on the cards.And while you wait to see what comes of that here’s a video of Ronaldo throwing a sulk at not being awarded a free kick against Arsenal yesterday.

Ronaldo Hissy FitThese bloopers are hilarious
Bolt may get a bit fed up of the training session if Ronaldo keeps doing that every time he comes second.

One comment on “Ronaldo to train with Usain Bolt
  1. Well Ronaldo actually went on intensive weight training programme three years ago, he was much faster on his runs before this but was light in body weight. Now though he has managed to combine speed and strentgh well, Bolt training him? I can’t imagine how fast he will go now, the thing about Ronaldo is that he is not only fast but he is a veritable box of tricks…he is a handful.

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