The Podolski Ballack altercation…

Michael Ballack and Lukas Podolski almost came to blows in the second half of Germany’s 2-0 victory against Wales.Podolski slapped Ballack because he apparently did not like what his captain was telling him.The mystery of what Ballack actually said to rile Podolski is going to rank alongside other great soccer mysteries of our time like what Materazzi actually said to Zidane or why Cristiano Ronaldo keeps falling down in the penalty area .Either Ballack or Podolski will write a book eventually and then we will know.At least it didn’t end in a head butt.

One comment on “The Podolski Ballack altercation…
  1. A whole book, great! Can’t wait…
    But seriously, Ballack is known as an annoying person in the world of soccer. And since we don´t know what was said, I can´t choose sides. But one thing is for sure, Podolski should listen to his captain.

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