The weak side of soccer

The US won easily 3-0 as Altidore scored a hat trick against the Soca Warriors.
But I have to ask John Harkes what he meant when he said “weak side”? I am almost certain he said it. I have heard a lot of soccer commentary around the world but I have never heard this term being used. It stopped me short. It came when the US team reacted to a move by Kenwyne Jones.
The weak side is almost exclusively used in American football to describe the defense lining up on the side where the offense places the tight end. In basketball it describes the side of the court away from the ball. It is never used in soccer because there is no such specific circumscribed space or deployment of players.
I see matches here as much as to see how lingua franca is used to sort of inveigle soccer into the sports mainstream. Some day extra base hit will be used.

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2 comments on “The weak side of soccer
  1. The weak side is most definitely used in soccer.
    It is a coaching term.
    Some examples…. switch the play and find the weakside fullback.
    Example 2; our weakside fullback must stayconnected and play just in advance of our centrebacks
    Don’t criticize the guy. He’s much smarter than u. You just watch too much American throwball!

  2. Thanks Ron,
    I must profess my ignorance of coaching tactics. A mere commentator I am. But is this term used universally because seriously I have not heard it anywhere else in the world, and they have done better in soccer than we have.

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