Why is Carlo Ancelotti being touted as Hiddink’s successor?

I saw Milan play some of the most insipid soccer against Chievo this weekend. They should consider themselves lucky to escape with a win.
Ancelotti manages a club that is a shelter for players reaching retirement age, wracked with injuries, and who are discarded by other clubs. Through this osmotic process, Beckham came back to his warm embrace and so did Sheva.
Players like Seedorf, Maldini, Nesta, Gattuso, and Jankulovski have gone well past the born on date. Unfortunately for them the Serie season does not get shorter, so they drift in and out with injuries and exhaustion. Milan is now in a dogfight with Genoa for a CL spot.
Let me put it this way. Is Chelsea ready for a coach that brought back Sheva? A player whose stratospheric transfer price and indifferent form was key to the falling out between Mourinho and Abramovich.
Ancelotti was pursued as Grant’s successor in the 2008 summer before turning it down. His managerial form since then should not inspire confidence.

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One comment on “Why is Carlo Ancelotti being touted as Hiddink’s successor?
  1. Galliani is the one to blame for Milan’s recent focus on over-aged players, not Ancelotti. How can you say that Nesta is past his prime when he’s been injured all season? We all know that Maldini is old, he’s retiring this year and his replacement (thiago silva) has already been signed. Yes, I do agree that Seedorf has to go, and that Gattuso’s original spot in the starting lineup should be relinquished to Flamini, but I think you’re being much too harsh on milan. They’re 2 points off of 2nd place, and in the exact same position in the table as Chelsea is in England.
    Ancelotti has 2 CL cups under his belt within the past 6 years, so I don’t see how you could possibly refute his experience and capabilities.

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