Hiddink has words of advice for Wenger

Chelsea meet Arsenal at the Emirates.
Two clubs licking their wounds. Nothing materially changes with a result but there are old favourites to play for, like the satisfaction of seeing Ashley Cole’s nose caked in mud.
More interesting are the words of advice that Hiddink has for a recalcitrant Wenger.
He is a big admirer of the Arsenal system with its emphasis on long term planning. However, the Dutchman thinks its time for Wenger to invest in some experienced oomph up front. Sage words.
A Drogba like arrival would mean we can finally end Adebayor’s on and off relationship with Arsenal.
Note: I said, a “Drogba like arrival” as in the power not the personality. Amy Lawrence believes that we need to go for the original which could mean Wenger spending more time with the shrink. Or spending good money on a PR firm just for Drogba.
Theo Walcott penned a new contract with the club, a good start to a rebuilding summer. Of course, all this may pale with what lies ahead in the boardroom drama of who finally gets control of the club.
As for the match itself, Clichy’s season is over and Gibbs should get the start. Arshavin may not recover from the flu in time for today’s match which means Diaby will likely get playing time.

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