Maldini disrespected by Milan Ultras

A shocker at the San Siro as Totti’s free kick stunned the Rossoneri. It added to the angst and anxiety enveloping the club.
Worse still, Maldini’s sendoff was marred by Milan’s Curva Sud ultras standing on the terraces mocking the Milan legend by unfurling a banner with the number 6 marked on it with the caption “There is only one captain” a reference to Franco Baresi, Maldini’s mentor and former team mate.
More was to follow as a banner read” Thank you captain: On the field you were a never ending champion but you failed to respect those who made you rich”. In reference to Maldini’s gesture of silencing them with a finger to his lips. Another read, ” For your 25 years of glorious service, you should thank those you have called mercenaries and peasants.”
Silvio Berlusconi was hit hard by banners saying “Sell Kaka to revive the club” and “For years you bought trinkets and figurines, this year we bought…. tissues?”
The Milan captain responded by saying, ” I am glad I am not one of you.”

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