The morning after: The view from the bottom up

The reaction is varied:
“My solution is simple and it’s something I’ve said all season long: Arsene needs to spend some money on experienced, quality players.”
A Cultured Left Foot
“Let me ask you one question. When talking about experience, how many Arsenal teams who had that commodity in abundance, won the European Cup in its various guises?”
“Equally though, I didn’t see before last night why we should fear next season that much and I don’t see why the events of last night should change that opinion.”
“The time to properly reflect is probably a few weeks away, but I will express a desire at this stage to see the level of experience topped up in the summer window.”
Arsenal Insider:
“I think the priorities are a world class goalkeeper and centre half. Possibly another centre-forward if Emmanuel Adebayor goes – frankly I hope he does. His continued public dalliance with Milan shows his head isn’t in the club, despite his massive pay rise.”

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