The Tevez sweepstakes: Liverpool or Spurs?

Carlos Tevez moves in mysterious ways.
Corinthians to West Ham. West Ham to Man Utd. Both moves were shrouded in intrigue and shady money. And now where? Wherever it is, Tevez’s moves have always created controversy. He could swallow his pride, stay on at Man Utd, and hopefully win his way back from the bench. Or leave for another club in the Premiership where he is assured of starting. Or more boldly, leave England altogether and play in Spain where Real has made approving noises.
Add Spurs to the list of clubs that are now competing for Tevez’s affections. Harry Redknapp’s grand plan is to sell Pavlyuchenko, Bent, and Bentley to raise the cash for Tevez. However all this is moot if Tevez’s stated desire is to play for Liverpool. That will really get Sir Alex’s blood pressure up! Tevez’s family lives in Cheshire so he won’t have to move them if he leaves for Spurs or Liverpool.

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