Today we play for pride

And to keep Man Utd’s title hopes in check for at least another week. Well, we can hope, can’t we? Man Utd will come out of the gates with intensity of purpose, to claim what is rightfully theirs.
If the Gunners win, at least the season won’t end on a sour note. If not, then Fabregas and men will have to applaud the champions on their home turf in front of their fans. It will hurt this fan to see the team as the sacrificial goat. But not for long, the best team in the Premiership once again will have won. We can step back and let them enjoy the moment that they fully deserve.
Arshavin is back and should bring some meaningful zip back into the attack. Adebayor did not start the Chelsea match and Wenger should keep it that way, because when he did come on, he chose to exhibit his diving capabilities. In that too, he failed miserably. Nicklas Bendtner was far more solid. Almunia is out, so Fabianski starts. Its going to be nervy at the back and with Man Utd scenting blood, the Polish goalie will have to wade out a torrid start.
For an entertaining start to today’s match, here is an unrestrained Arshavin speaking his mind about the game.
“I believe that out of the top four English teams, when it comes to football, Arsenal are the best. They have the best style and the best coach. At the moment, young players come to Arsenal because they see it as a very big team, but if we carry on like this without winning trophies, young players will not want to come. Everyone likes the appeal of Arsenal, the football of Arsenal, the young players of Arsenal, but if there is no result they will stop.”

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