Arsenal target Maroaune Chamakh

Looks like Arsene Wenger’s summer transfer wish list have a theme: Strong aerial ability and excellent work rate. Also a bit more senior with international experience.
Arsenal’s next big target appears to be Maroaune Chamakh, the Bordeaux striker who formed a potent tandem with Youann Gourcoff to lead the club to last season’s Championnat.
The French-Moroccan Chamakh possesses very good ball control, uses his 6’2″ frame to full advantage to overpower defenders aerially, and is very hard working. Think of Nicklas Bendtner with more skill and steel. The rap is he is not the best finisher and his performances show great inconsistency. One reading could be that Chamakh did not enjoy the services of a quality midfielder like Gourcuff all this while. In Arsenal, ball supply has never been a problem.
As this video shows with a sort of before and after quality, Chamakh always had blistering pace and undoubted aerial ability but his earlier finishing left a lot and I mean a lot to be desired. They seem to have improved markedly. The goal at 3:20 shows his capability.
Season Apps Goals
2002/03 8 0
2003/04 25 6
2004/05 31 13
2005/06 28 7
2006/07 31 6
2007/08 33 4
2008/09 33 13
Total 189 49
His transfer negotiations predicate on Adebayor’s fate. Wenger is avidly seeking a club outside England to sell off the Togolese striker who is now being linked with Chelsea because of Ancelotti’s prior interest. Other clubs who have shown interest are Fulham and Spurs.
With Milan going through a financially lean period Adebayor’s £25million price tag is a dampener. They have shown more interest in Edin Dzeko. Inter, the other club who could possibly be interested in Ade now appear confident that Zlatan Ibrahamovic is spending at least one more season with them.
Adebayor’s £25million deal would bring Chamakh and Fiorentina midfielder Felipe Melo to the Emirates.
Chamakh has refused to extend his contract which has one year left with a £7 buyout clause. His desire to move to the EPL has fueled transfer speculation:
“I want to play in the Premier League and a club like Arsenal would be a dream. If they were to come calling, I would certainly give them a positive answer.”

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