Brilliant Benzema Built For Manchester Utd

As C. Ronaldo prepares to depart for dreamy Madrid, Manchester United will have around £80 million from the transfer – some of this money may be used to pay off debts, or for wages, but most of it, should be used on finding a player to replace Ronaldo.
Strong candidates are Antonio Valencia, Frank Ribery, David Silva, Sergio “Kun” Aguero but the one that sticks out with optimism is the prospect of Man Utd purchasing Lyon’s forward Karim Benzema..

Benzema has a rare style to him – comparable, if only very slightly, to the extremely talented Eric Cantona. Benzema, is a complete forward – his game shines in every aspect, he is tall and has a decent technique at jumping/heading, his finishing is clinical, he can dribble – he shows the odd spot of flair that make us gasp, but he has discipline, he doesn’t take 25 pot-shots in a match – he knows how to use the ball intelligently, these are all admirable traits in a striker and in general, a player.
However what makes Benzema comparable to Cantona is that stunning, confident eye-for goal, to explain it: Benzema will play a goal before it happens, he will know what to do about 3 seconds before it happens and this is why he shows the most promise – this is a natural instinct, something Cantona had very much. He would get the ball, already knowing what he had to do before he did it – watch the following 2 videos to see this natural instinct at it’s best.
Are you telling me Cantona received the pass and just went for a random chip on the goalkeeper? – No, he knew what he was doing the whole time, like watching an artist paint a masterpiece, Cantona had everything planned out – you should notice his celebration is special, as the execution is deadly.

Now, you have to watch this video of Benzema scoring against Manchester United last year in the Champions League – you should notice that not only the strike is stunning, but notice that it’s very surprising, with 4 Man Utd players around him, Benzema spots the gap in defence, shifts the ball to his left foot and slams the ball in the corner, this of course, is all planed out before it occurs, as the natural instinct some super strikers like Henry, Cantona, Van Nistelrooy, etc. have give them around 2 or 3 more seconds to score compared to great strikers.

This is the main reason why the brilliant Benzema is built for Manchester United, with around £80 million to spend, Benzema, who has played in Lyon’s 4-3-3 formation this season, would fit very well into Man Utd’s formation – 4-3-3, 4-5-1 (as seen this year, stick Ronaldo on his own up front with 5 midfielders behind, as seen against Arsenal in the Champion League semi-finals), Benzema is a rare player and Man Utd have a history of producing and purchashing players of rare, rare style.

2 comments on “Brilliant Benzema Built For Manchester Utd
  1. Velencia is a good pick up and cheap. He and Nani can take Ronnie’s place. I think if they lose Tevez a perfrct replacement would be Levezzi from Napoli. Like for like. If Tevez stays you need to replace Scholes, with an young up and commer, and a left footed winger to replace Giggs, both great servants for United but getting old.
    Actually I think Levezzi is a better choice than Tevez at a 3dr of the price.

  2. Brilliant is right. Cantona did have a third-eye for the goal. And that is what ManU need to look for in their strikers.
    Benzema seems very interesting, but I don’t see his name on Sir Alex’s lips. Maybe Sir Alex should read SoccerBlog!

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