Fabregas makes a plug for Yaya

Fabregas urges Wenger to sign Yaya Toure. There are strong indications that Kolo’s brother is in contract difficulties at the Nou Camp.
‘We are used to having someone like Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva or Flamini in the middle of the pitch.
‘It is true that without someone like that we have been slightly unbalanced and weakened in such an important position. It is a position that is undervalued but it is so important, especially for teams like ours that attack so much. When you have the ball it is so important to have a guarantee that there is someone behind you covering.’

Having Yaya Toure will be a boon in providing much needed security in the backfield and avoiding long fatiguing track backs for Cesc and Arshavin. Arsenal was very soft in the lower third of the pitch. Lots of open spaces to run to and cheap giveaways. Song was frequently a guilty party. Toure is a known quantity at Barca. He is physical, has good tackling skills, and bursts of speed and ball control that yield some spectacular goals.
As for Cesc, he may express his admiration for Pep Guardiola which is smart if ever Barca come knocking but with Xavi and Iniesta controlling the midfield, it is hard to see him get too many starting opportunities.
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