Kaka’s breathless timeline: Something does not add up

23:33:Kaka’s Real Madrid Move Held Up By Last-Minute Chelsea Bid
22:47:Kaka Agrees To Join Real Madrid – Italian Media
21:45:Kaka Is A Real Madrid Player – Spanish Press
19:45:Difficult To Resist Kaka Offer – Silvio Berlusconi
19:10:Kaka Spokesman Confirms Real Madrid Offer
12:26:Paolo Maldini: Kaka Will Stay At Milan
08:02:Kaka: I Don’t Want To Leave Milan
(Timeline extracted from www.goal.com)
I want to know what happened in the 15 hours from Kaka seemingly very certain that he did not want to leave Milan to now being trussed up as a turkey to be presented at the Bernabeu, with only the stuffing to be decided on. Did someone tell him that? Yes, and that gratuitous Chelsea bid seems entirely generated by the Ancelotti move. Plus, don’t they figure that some players need to be jettisoned from that crowded midfield to make way for Kaka? Or do they believe that Frank Lampard will just warm the bench and knit sweaters for midgets?
Kaka stated very categorically that he did not want to leave. The one thing that I can say with dead certainty, is that he is a man of his word.
“I want to keep winning with Milan. I’m staying at Milan. And as of today, this case is over.”
Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani might want to say that it will difficult to hold their star playmaker back with such a huge offer but they would be foolish to let Kaka go when they now have a great chance to rebuild their team around him. Leonardo, a fellow Brazilian is at the helm, and going by his player record, knows a thing or two about improving the attack. Plus, Milan’s challenges in the post Ancelotti era are huge. Overcoming zero tituli with Juventus, Roma, Fiorentina, and suddenly Genoa in the fray all competing means that Milan needs all its best hands on deck. Kaka’s form this season was less than scintillating by his standards. Does he want to leave the challenge of finally wresting the scudetto from Inter unfulfilled?
It also is not lost on a young player like Kaka to see someone like Paolo Maldini retire after a lifetime of service. We can see the veneration of the fans, albeit spoiled somewhat by the Curva Sud thugs, but this counts more than just a cold hard statistic. To Kaka, the richest and most decorated player in the world, it shows firsthand what a legacy looks like.

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