Most valuable sports properties: EPL does not find a place

SportsPro magazine has published the world’s first value ranking of sports properties in its July issue, out now. They have listed 200 properties. Here are the top ten.
1. National Football League (NFL) – $4.5 billion
2. Major League Baseball (MLB) – $3.9 billion
3. National Basketball Association (NBA) – $3.35 billion
4. NASCAR- $1.9 billion
5. Fifa World Cup – $1.7 billion
6. Indian Premier League cricket – $1.6 billion
7. Ferrari Formula One – $1.55 billion
8. Manchester United – $1.495 billion
9. Formula One – $1.45 billion
10. Dallas Cowboys – $1.278 billion

The EPL did not make the list as it is seen as a revenue distributor rather than a property. The policy of promotion and relegation makes the EPL a clearing house where shares are handed in and out of the organization, rather than a more permanent entity like the NFL. I think EPL merchandised T- shirts saying “EPL till I die” might not sell but “La Liga sucks” might. Maybe Richard Scudamore should look into the power of negative advertising.
As for the EPL- Liga rivalry: Man Utd beat out Real Madrid valued at $1.073 billion in 14th place. It will be interesting to see how much Ronaldo and Kaka make a difference to both club’s value next season. Kaka is estimated to add about $102million annually, recouping Real his transfer amount in the first year itself.

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