Recent comments show Beckham positioning for Chelsea

Have you noticed the number of pro-Chelsea comments coming out of Beckham’s mouth ?
He stepped into the controversy surrounding John Terry’s future at Stamford Bridge with City baiting the England captain with record weekly wages.
“JT’s like that. He’s passionate about football, not passionate about money. He’ll decide what’s best for his football career.”
“I don’t think JT will move because he’s Chelsea through and through. But football’s football.”
Now, Beckham is waxing loquacious about Chelsea’s chances to win the Premiership because of what ex-boss Carlo Ancelotti brings to the team.
“Chelsea are so lucky because Carlo is a great man and a great manager,” the LA Galaxy player told the News of the World. “He can definitely make Chelsea champions again. No doubt about it. And I say that even though everybody knows I have Manchester United in my heart.”
Becks is keeping in the good books of Chelsea’s talisman who as everyone knows enjoys unvarnished support from Peter Kenyon and Roman Abramovich ( Jose Mourinho will have something to say about that in his biography) and the incumbent manager with whom he has had a long standing association and friendship. Seems like Becks after returning to MLS anonymity is trying to make himself relevant to the European leagues with his mouth if not his feet. Ancelotti whose forte is wringing every ounce from older players could probably do with Beckham’s experience off the bench in the late season push off. Their pursuit of Ribery and Pirlo have stalled and Beckham would be an easier pick up.
Beckham also got a big boost for his European return when he visited his former Milan team mates who are in town to play the Galaxy. Coach Leonardo said that Beckham is welcome back anytime to the club because of his ability to fit into any system.
“He helped us so much when he wore our shirt. Moreover, he is a good person and also the very fact that he came here to see us proves how much he feels for us.”
Shrewd bit of PR from Beckham.

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5 comments on “Recent comments show Beckham positioning for Chelsea
  1. Beckham should retire while he still has his dignity. His recent comments to USA soccer is embarrasing, at best. I had to great pleasure of playing with greats, such as Best and Cruyff, and am embarrased at the way Beckham has treated US Soccer. This is no longer the “retirement” league of the world, but one to be respected, and we that played during these years expect no less. Beckham has disrepected all us us that have played here, and world wide, as did he, to no end. LA Galaxy should bench him until such time as he wants to compete, and in all sense, compete for the team that he is being paid so well to compete for. To do otherwise, is to insult all players in the MSL.
    Had to say it, hope it hits home.

  2. Obviously, Beckham has only his own self in heart.
    Anciotti did not win the Itallian league with Beckham on his team, and he is a second rate coach behind the coach of Barcelona.
    To me, the coach of Barcelona is the best in the world, at the moment.
    The recent acquisitions of Real Madrid await to be seen.
    The next year’s european football experience is going to be phenominal. A can’t wait season.
    Wait and Wonder!!!

  3. Scott
    Agreed. With Guardiola and a first rate midfield I still see Barcelona as the frontrunner although one has to respect the creativity of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. As for Becks, he is milking the MLS without putting in the effort. He comes up short when you compare him to other DPs like Blanco and Angel and what they have meant to their clubs.

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