Remembering Sir Bobby Robson


Sir Alex Ferguson:
“I was never too big or proud to ask him for advice which he gave
freely and unconditionally. In my 23 years working in England there is
not a person I would put an inch above Bobby Robson.

“I mourn the passing of a great friend; a wonderful individual; a
tremendous football man and somebody with passion and knowledge of the
game that was unsurpassed.”

Rafael Benitez:
“The death of Sir Bobby is a sad loss to football. His record in many
different countries was testament to his talents as an outstanding
manager, and he clearly never lost his tremendous passion and
enthusiasm for the game.”

Alan Shearer:
“He will be sadly missed by everyone, not just by people in the
football world but from all walks of life. It’s a very sad day for
everyone, especially his family, his close friends and anyone who’s
ever worked with him.”

Harry Redknapp:
“He was a fantastic football manager, probably the most enthusiastic
football man I’ve ever met in my life. Look at the job he did at
Ipswich, and all over the world. I’ve never met a man with more
enthusiasm and passion for football.”

Fabio Capello:
“Sir Bobby was a wonderful man, a real
gentleman. His spirit and courage was incredible. To fight cancer so many times really showed the strength of the man.”

Bryan Robson:

“We had some great times. He was just a pleasure to work with. I was with him in Portugal only a few weeks ago when I went over to play in his charity golf day which was a fantastic event.

“He was struggling with illness at the time and had been advised not to travel, but he wanted to be there. That just shows the character of the man.”

Glenn Hoddle:

“For everybody in the football world it’s a very, very sad day. He’s the closest we’ve come to winning the World Cup (since 1966) – that’s how good Bobby was.

“I met up quite a few times with him when he was Newcastle manager and that passion was still there. I think that was still there to this very day. He had a genuine, refreshing love the game.”

Gary Lineker:
“He had a tremendous enthusiasm and passion for football and life and continued to retain this right to the last days of his life.

“He will be deeply missed by everyone, especially those who played for him. I have the fondest memories of playing for him at two World Cups.”

Terry Venables:

“It’s really sad and I am really hard put to a few words together. We came across each other many times, on TV for World Cups, and we played against each other. We go back far and we had some great times. I feel now for Bobby’s family.”

George Burley:
“Sir Bobby was like a father to me, taking a personal interest in me
right from the start, always checking whether I was happy. His support and enthusiasm was the perfect cure for homesickness
and helped my career to get off the ground and thrive.

“I could not possibly get my head round how my career would have gone had
it not been for Sir Bobby Robson. I owe him everything and I only hope I can
be guided by the example he showed me.”

Ray Wilkins:
“Everyone had the utmost respect for him. He handled people in the right fashion and I think that was his major strength. He was a joy to be around.”

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4 comments on “Remembering Sir Bobby Robson
  1. No words can describe the integrity of the man, not to mention all the talent within the football world he helped to uncover and nurture!
    A legend amongst legends, there’ll never be another…Sir Bobby Robson, you shall be missed!

  2. Like Walter Cronkite, Bobby Robson was from an age when honor, grace and honesty was part of the common human dialog. Bobby Robson was also one of the first non-Spanish coaches who recognized the power of Catalan nationalism exhibited through Football Club Barcelona. Cronkite and Football Club Barcelona aside, Sir Bobby Robson was fundamentally a decent, human being.

  3. FB, so true. So very true. The more I read about him the more I am touched by the fact that in the end his kindness and warmth shone through.

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