Ronaldo is the most popular player in Brazil

Ronaldo’s return to Corinthians and his success with the club has led to his popularity skyrocketing in the last three months edging out Kaka as the most popular player in Brazil.
In the last survey in March, Kaka led the table with 25.18% of the votes, topping Ronaldinho (17.50%). Ronaldo came in a distant third (6.68%).
In the present survey Ronaldo now leads the Real Madrid maestro 22.64% to 21.18%. In a sign of the times Ronaldinho’s fall has been remarkable and he now has only 9.64% of the public supporting him. Kaka however is favoured by more women.
With Karim Benzema singing his praises, Ronaldo is enjoying a revival.
“Ronaldo is the greatest player in the world. He is my inspiration and every time I go on the pitch I will try to repeat what he did,” said the 21-year-old French striker in tribute to the club’s former star attacker.

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