World Cup 2010: Silly articles on SA persist

If pyramids were the basis for hosting a successful World Cup then India should have been awarded the World Cup a long time ago with all that magnificent temple architecture.
Louise Taylor writes one very silly article.
It portrays a doomsday scenario for tourists travelling to SA for the World Cup. They can get robbed, raped, or murdered. Sometimes all three things happen and then to make really sure those lousy Johannesburg drivers run over you.
Taylor sings a paean to Egypt but one wonders what her reaction would have been if it was actually awarded the World Cup. Bets are that she would have brought up the stifling heat, the endless baksheesh, the nightmarish Cairo traffic and pollution, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the despotic government of Hosni Mubarak as reasons not to go. She would not have kept quiet about the hundreds of tourists who died or were left injured in a series of bombings at the Sharm El Sheikh three years ago. Then she would have wondered why FIFA had not awarded the World Cup to Australia or Spain.
Yes, crime rate is high in SA and it is one of the chief reasons that will keep more tourists from coming for the World Cup. But I am sure that SA will be a virtual police state by the time the matches begin. You take a cell phone and program the security phone numbers. Travel in a group. Bring a cricket bat. As for AIDS, it is only a problem if you as a tourist make it one. If you want to frequent a brothel make sure you bring protection or better still fly those escorts down from Amsterdam.
Look if you want European style efficiency then FIFA should spare us by not looking elsewhere otherwise these are the articles we get subjected to which peddle needless paranoia. We can write common sense articles which caution against crime and bad driving. But stop with the I wish the World Cup was going to Egypt, Morocco, Australia, or Billy Bob Thornton. SA is going to be the venue for the next World Cup whether you like it or not. . . . . .

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