Another chapter in an ageing rivalry…

“What matters is that when the people voted, he came second behind me. Nobody can take that away from me.” Maradona
The latest chapter in this Argentine Brazilian story is set to be written on the 5th of September.It’s getting to be quite a saga now. Here’s an excerpt from an earlier chapter found on wikipedia..
FIFA conducted a fan poll on the Internet in 2000, to elect the Player of the Century. Maradona finished top of the poll with 53.6% of the vote. Subsequently, however, and contrary to the original announcement of how the award would be decided, FIFA appointed a “Football Family” committee of football experts that voted to award Pelé the title. Maradona protested at the change in procedure, and declared he would not attend the ceremony if Pelé replaced him. Eventually, two awards were made, one to each of the pair. Maradona accepted his prize, but left the ceremony without waiting to see Pelé receive his accolade.
The internet poll gave Maradona 53.6% of the votes.Pele came a poor second with 18.5% of the votes.The “experts poll” gave Pele first place with 1705 votes.Maradona came fifth with 1214 votes – Cruyff,Beckenbauer and Alfredo di Stefano got more votes than him.The FIFA magazine and Grand Jury gave Pele first place also with 72.8% of the vote.Maradona came third with 6% of the vote.Di Stefano was in 2nd place.
However the rivalry theme of this saga is getting a bit boring.Too many chapters with the same premise.The story needs some new ideas or some twists in the plot….!

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