Adebayor hit with “violent conduct” charge

Hit with violent conduct has a nice “violent” feel to it, doesn’t it? Kind of an eye for an eye.
Anyways, this is the first part of the FA investigation and the most appropriate one in my mind. Its an open and shut case. The other is the instigation of the Gunner fans with his over the top celebration. He carries a charge of improper conduct.
The violent conduct charge carries with it a possible four match suspension and the improper one a hefty fine with a possible one match suspension.
Now, that is more the chicken and egg story. The near riots that followed have an element of causality on both sides. Each party have fed off their grievances but a steward got hurt and it comes on the heel of some pretty ugly stuff between West Ham and Milwall.
The FA is probably doing the right thing by letting the City police carry on their investigations. However, the FA chairman was quite unimpressed by Adebayor’s behaviour which City police also have directly attributed to “causing the opposition fans to be aggravated”. It is clear that they feel he carries the burden of proof.
City have their own injury concerns with Carlos Tevez, Roque Santa Cruz, and Robinho out so having Adebayor suspended comes at a wrong time when they are gearing up for the big confrontation with Man Utd on Sunday. Not the smartest move by Ade and City pays for his transgressions.

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