Six pairs of eyes on the field…

Platini’s masterplan to eliminate referee associated problems has been inaugurated.The Europa League kicked off with two extra match officials, one behind each goal.
They are termed “additional assistant referees” – the short form of which is AARs – which is kind of difficult to say without giving offence..!
So these two will prowl the area behind each goal.All those thinking of diving or claiming for goals that never crossed the line will no doubt now have second thoughts.
There is also a suggestion that Platini should now officially call the ‘fourth official’ the ‘sixth official’ because of the mathematics involved.(One ref,two linesmen,one chap breathing down the neck of each goal keeper makes 5)
Meanwhile here’s Graham Poll on the subject.Remember he was the one who had briefly experimented with three yellow cards.See what he has to say about 6 referees here..

2 comments on “Six pairs of eyes on the field…
  1. Love that photo you post. As I am sure you are aware, it was a US WWII propaganda photo to make the home folks scared of the Germans.
    Maybe these goalline refs should don lab coats a la Aussie Rules.

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