Alan Wiley ran further than most Man U players

Alan Wiley, the official accused by Sir Alex Ferguson of not being fit enough to referee, ran farther than all but four Manchester United players during the 94 minutes of the game against Sunderland.
ProZone shows that only four United players and three from Sunderland ran farther than Wiley, 49. His average distance from the ball was 17.7 metres. Elite referees in England are allowed an average of up to 20 metres.
There’s a clamour of protest from the referees union.
The national secretary of professionals’ union Prospect, who represent referees, Ian Leighton said: “I don’t know what Sir Alex earns but a small fine or a touchline suspension would be like water off a duck’s back to him, so there has to be some recognition that this is a serious allegation that needs to be properly dealt with and punished severely.There are issues around suspension from the job that would be new territory, but the FA has to grab the nettle on this one. There has to be some sort of punishment that’s going to stop people from doing this or otherwise we’re going to see more and more of it.
We have to be talking about punishments that are going to really lead to a change in behaviour.”

Apart from asking him to say “sorry” and not allowing him any chewing gum for one week the suggested punishment is to ban Ferguson from any contact with his players on match days as well as preventing him from entering the dressing room before and after the game – a Uefa-coaching ban.

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  1. Wiley looks like he enjoys a few pints after the match. Phil Dowd is also a bit portly. I have to say Italian referees seem to be the fittest of the lot.

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