Marlon King in jail and out of a job

Put behind bars for 18 months for groping a woman, and after she spurned his advances; breaking her nose.
He is terminated from Wigan although this incident occurred when he was loaned out to Hull.
“He is absolutely sacked – we will not tolerate football players who get sent to jail for 18 months. As far as we are concerned, he is finished with football at Wigan Athletic,” club chairman Dave Whelan told Sky Sports News.
This is his second 18 month sentence. The first one involved stealing a BMW in 2002. His sentence was commuted to 5 months and he rejoined Gillingham. This is far more serious and probably means the end of his career.
It is interesting to note that during his sentencing, the acquittal of Steven Gerrard of battery and assault came up. One of his supporters shouted, “Steven Gerrard’s still walking the streets.”

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