Sir Alex admits to wrongdoing

Alan Wiley.jpg
Alan Wiley’s new “slimming” photo-angle
Sir Alex has admitted to improper conduct regarding Alan Wiley.
Alan Leighton of the referees union, Prospect warned that Sir Alex’s remarks could set the tone for more abuse.
“Some people suggest it is us picking on Sir Alex. I’m not interested in previous. If this had gone unchecked, other managers would have felt able to make similar slurs and that fundamentally brings the game into disrepute.”
So does Sir Alex get fined or face a touchline ban? As per Leighton he is looking for something more severe, a coaching ban which could mean five games.
It’s getting a bit tiresome hearing coaches whine about referees. Arsene Wenger doing the same with the decision to give a penalty for Song’s push. The focus should be on the team not pulling of a win when they clearly had plenty of opportunities.

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