Who will tell Maradona the Truth?


The sad part of it is that it has actually gotten to this point and he’s still the coach.  Argentina’s messed up politics are so intertwined with its soccer, that even now Maradona’s head is still sitting on his shoulders. 

And the players?  What can they say or do besides “supporting the coach”?

Win or lose, it is time for Maradona to take a back seat.   He has already caused inestimable damage to the national team – not because he was coach, but because his appointment exposed the weakness of soccer governance in Argentina (shades of the USOC in this country!).

Maradona can’t coach, period.  And to keep patting him on the back is a disservice to him and to the players who deserve better.  We love Maradona the player.  Maradona the coach is a different story. 

Tell me, does Messi honestly deserve a coach like Maradona?

Cry Argentina, cry.

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