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Author Randall Barfield sends us 10 questions from his Little Soccer Quiz Book.

See how many you get right >>

1. Sir Alex Ferguson is boss of which UK team?
2. In what city is the Santiago Bernabeu stadium located?
3. Where is player Brandi Chastain from?

4. Who presented Pele his Lifetime Achievement award?
5. Which team was Francesco Totti playing for in 1999?
6. What position does Thierry Henry play?
7. Robinho left Brazil in 2005 to play in which country?
8. In 2005 Messi won both the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball awards. What is the purpose of each award?
9. Which nationality did Messi obtain?
10. What is Beckham’s full name?

Answers (no peeking!):

1. Manchester United; 2. Madrid; 3. San Jose, California; 4. David Beckham; 5. Roma; 6. striker or forward; 7. Spain; 8. G-Boot: for being the top scorer with 6 goals, G-Ball: for best player of the Football World Youth Championship; 9. Spanish; 10. David Robert Joseph Beckham.

SoccerBlog.com interprets your results:

10 out 10 = you can act smug all day…
7-9 right = you could be a referee at the World Cup
5-7 right = you have FA administration potential
3-4 right = you can coach Argentina
1-2 right = are you Sepp Blatter?
0 right = congratulations, you’re a US citizen!

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