Thierry Henry’s actions reveal a strange dichotomy

Sports pundits and fans are going full tilt at Thierry Henry calling him a “cheat”, “morally reprehensible”, “unsportsmanlike”, “a snake oil salesman”.
Richard Williams crosses that line when as a Brit he forgives Maradona’s hand of God goal saying it amounts to breeding.
“To rank the incident in Paris alongside Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” in 1986 is misleading. That was a street kid’s instinct, acclaimed by his compatriots as revenge for Antonio Rattín and the Malvinas. Henry may come from Les Ulis, a quartier difficile outside Paris, but he is a sophisticated man, and a much decorated one. A chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur should have done better – by his opponents, by himself, and by the game.”
For all the pundit pyromania, it is fellow players that are rallying around Henry. David Beckham became the latest to offer his support. And even members of the Irish team have refused to criticize Henry directly with Damien Duff, saying that he would have probably done the same if given the opportunity.
Media overkill is basically helping players close ranks on themselves.
The debate really should be more about why France continues to underwhelm. Thierry Henry’s actions benefit Raymond Domenech the most. The media has turned Sauron like to the French striker and away from the managerial career of the insipid Domenech.
Even the talk about this permanently dooming Thierry Henry’s career and his livelihood is nonsense. If he produces goals at the World Cup next year, this will be a tempest in a teapot. Yes, the Irish will boo him in the bars if they can stomach seeing France play their opponents but that will be all. I can say with confidence Diego Maradona is calling up Henry right now and telling that this is the best thing since his hand of God goal and it has nothing to do with breeding.

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One comment on “Thierry Henry’s actions reveal a strange dichotomy
  1. Let’s exercise our power as consumers to condemn Thierry the cheat.
    E-mail Reebok and Gillette telling them we will never buy their products whilst they have such a poor role model as a spokesperson for their products.

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